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Discover The Secret To Training A Well Behaved Dog Right InThe Comfort of Your Home... Where Good Behavior Matters Most! 

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You've probably been told to have a well behaved dog you must train obedience.


But the fact is, the things that will get your dog into the most trouble have nothing to do with whether or not your dog can perform obedience skills, but, more about the every day choices they need to make.

Behaviors such as rushing out open doors, counter surfing to steal food and jumping on guests are typical of the 'BAD' choices obedience training doesn't eliminate.

Eventually, most people realize training a well behaved dog has little to do with training obedience. 

Introducing... Home Schooling Your Dog

Does traveling across town to attend a training class just add to your ever growing 'to do' list?

Is your dog considered a member of your family?

Have you ever been embarrassed by your dog 'going nuts' when the door bell rings, barking at 'everything', jumping on guests or stealing your stuff from the counters?

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If you've answered 'YES' to any of these questions or you're just getting started with your new puppy you are in the RIGHT place and I've got good news for you:

  • Your dog doesn't need obedience training... a few easily taught SKILLS are all that's needed
  • Training at home does not require hours a day... it takes ONLY MINUTES of your time daily
  • Training becomes EFFORTLESS... simply by training during your daily interactions with your dog 

Imagine having more time to enjoy your dog and seeing his behavior improve all while training in the comfort of your own home! 

The Best Time To Train Was Yesterday...

The Next Best time Is Now!


Your dog can have a great family dog and companion without spending hours practicing boring obedience skills. But they do need YOU to show teach them the skills they need to be good dogs.

The reality is you don't need to spend hours upon hours training your dog... but, you do need to make the time you're with your dog count.  Dog trainers love to say 'Anytime you are with your dog... ONE of you is training the other... decide now do you want to be the Trainer or the Trainee.' What makes this saying funny is that it's totally true!

Your daily interactions provide plenty of opportunities to train the behaviors you like without having to attend classes or dedicate hours of your time. Its NOT good enough for your dog to practice obedience behaviors in a classroom when the real world is outside the classroom.

Designed to meet your training needs at home, where good behavior really matters, our online course will have you enjoying a well behaved dog quickly. You get to meet with an actual trainer for live sessions online once a week so that you get your questions answered and make progress toward your training goals.

Learn to work at your dog's level, so that you experience less frustration and progress faster. Then we help you apply training in the REAL WORLD by including 'situational awareness' so that  you will know what to do during REAL LIFE situations.

At some point, we will be gathering with friends and family again, imagine how having a well behaved dog will make those gatherings even better!

Home Schooling Your Dog


Train at HOME where behavior matters most!

Discover how training just a few skills can lead to:

  • A dog who sits politely to greet
  • A puppy who never learns to beg
  • A dog who doesn't rush out an open door
  • A puppy who stops stealing your stuff
  • ... and much much more


6 Weekly LIVE Online Sessions

  • Recorded sessions available for replay
  • Get your questions answered 

 Unlimited Access to training videos and supporting downloadable PDF's 

Scheduled Time: Wednesdays @ 10am via Zoom 


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Andrea Giordano

Owner & Founder

You're going to love using my 3Q Method to train your dog. If you want a dog who you enjoy living with the reality is your dog only needs a few skills to be a great family member.  

As much as I love training my dogs, I don't want to spend my entire day supervising and directly their every behavior. My guess is you don't want to be directing your dog all day long either. 

It's so much easier if you train a few SKILLS well, then use those skills to help your dog create predictable HABITS and reliable behavior PATTERNS. HABITS that occur automatically based on the situation i.e. your dog sitting calmly when you approach with a leash.  PATTERNS of behavior that you can count on to keep your dog safe i.e. a dog the goes and sits on a mat when you open the front door.

You'll also call up the same skills to teach your dog what to do when; guests arrive, doors are opened, etc. Your dog will know what's expected when these everyday events take place. 

I opened my training center in Central New York in 2013. Since then I've helped 100's of families train their dogs to be their best dog ever. I've taken what I've learned over the years and created this 6 week course. 


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Enrollment is OPEN

You can start right away. No waiting, this course is available immediately.

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6 Live Sessions with Q & A

You'll have live support each week to help you make progress. 

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Session Recordings

All live sessions will be recorded, you can go back and listen as many times as you'd like.

Yes, I Want To Enjoy Living With My Dog